Information Session

The information Session provides meaningful information and shares issues, trends, and opinions with production companies, musical producers, arts management experts, and investors.
Time and Date
10:00 - 15:00 June 21-23, 2022
Square hall & Circle hall , Sejong Center
Conference/ Roundtable/ Lecture/ Producer Workshop
* The schedule could be changed depending on circumstances
DAY 1 (June 21) DAY 2 (June 22) DAY 3 (June 23)
10:00 - 10:30 Data Forum
<Data shows the Musical Markets >
Square Hall
10:30 - 12:00 Round Table
<Investors tell you about investing in the musicals>
Square Hall
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch Break
13:00 - 15:00 Lecture 2
Understanding of
performance copyright
Circle Hall
Lee Chul-Nam, Prof. of CNU
Lecture 3
Understanding of investment in performance
Circle Hall
Seong-wook Yoon, CEO of Funderful
Producer Workshop
Square Hall
15:00 - 17:00 Lecture 1
Understanding of Theatre Technical Words
Circle Hall
Malsoon Park, Stage Manager
* English-Korean simultaneous interpretation will be provided
Data Forum: Data shows the musical markets
Lecture room I(Square Hall), Sejong Arts Academy, Sejong Arts C enter
6.22(Wed) 10:00-12:00
With the full of the seat audiences at the theaters and the long lines at box offices, we can feel the vitality of the musical market, which had been stagnant due to the prolonged pandemic. However, the recovery of the musical market accurately can be seen through the data from the 'Korea Performing Box Office Information System(KOPIS).' At this conference, Korean and international musical and performing arts experts share the musical market status by analyzing data and discussing how to encourage the utilization of performing arts data.
Program Attendees
Introduction Data Forum Introduction Moderator & Speaker
Eunkyung Kang
(Board Member of Korea Arts Management Service)
Keynote Speech Pre-and post-COVID-19: Comparative analysis of domestic and international trends in the musical market

Agenda 1

The features of the Korean musical market by KOPIS Data


Byung Sung Park (Performing Arts Columnist)

Agenda 2

How to use the data analysis for the musical marketing and subsidy


Emma Martin (Arts Marketing Consultant & Manager)

Discussion How can we encourage to use of performing arts data?

* (Topic ①) What kinds of information need to collect for the data analysis on the musical market? And How do we use the data for the musical scene?

* (Topic ②) Considering the data analysis, why does the musical genre show higher resilience than the other genre
Eunkyung Kang (Board Member of Korea Arts Management Service)

Byung Sung Park (Performing Arts Columnist)

Emma Martin (Arts Marketing Consultant & Manager)

Seonghoon Lee (CEO of SHOWNOTE Co,. Inc)
Donghyun Lee (Team Manager of Performing Arts Consulting & Producing Team at Interpark Co.)
Eunkyung Kang Board Member of Korea Arts Management Service
Dr. Annette Eunkyung Kang is an Arts Management Professor at the Graduate School of Chugye University for the Arts and a board member of the Korea Arts Management Service. After trained as a violinist, Dr. Kang majored in arts management(M.A.) as well as law, with focus on Intellectual Property(LL.M.) and Law & Policy(J.S.D.). Having been very active in sharing her expertise with government agencies and arts institutions, her recent posts include the CEO of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra and Managing Director of the Daewon Cultural Foundation.
Byung Sung Park Performing Arts Columnist
Byung Sung Park is a performing arts columnist. He long served as the editor-in chief of, a magazine specializing in musical theatre. He is lecturing on the musical and performing arts management at the Korea National University of Arts, Seoul Cyber University, and Kukje University of Arts. He is the author of and writes articles in a Korean newspaper and performing arts magazine.
Seonghoon Lee CEO of SHOWNOTE Co,. Inc
Seonghoon Lee is the ceo of SHOWNOTE and a professor of the graduate school of performing arts at the Hongik University. He is also working as the board members of the Korea Musical Theatre Association and the Seoul Performing Arts Company. He served as the director of Performing Arts Division at the CJ E&M and as the Vice President of CJ E&M China.
Donghyun Lee Team Manager of Performing Arts Consulting & Producing Team at Interpark Co.
Donghyun Lee is the team leader of the Performing Arts Consulting & Producing Team at Interpark Co., Ltd. He is in charge of the overall parts necessary for performing arts, including planning, producing, marketing, sales, distribution, and investment. He strives to create a stable production environment for performing arts producers and a convenient ticket booking environment for audiences.
Investors tell you about investing in the musicals
Lecture room I(Square Hall), Sejong Arts Academy, Sejong Arts C enter
6.23(목/Thu) 10:30-12:00
With the continuous growth of the Korean musical market, the need for fundraising through investment attraction has been growing as well. The K-Musical Market provides a forum for investors with ample market experience to learn about the current status of venture capitalist firms and funds involved in the Korean musical market; to examine the characteristics and representative examples of musical market investment; and to hold discussions on the challenges that must be addressed for future market growth.
Program Attendees
Agenda Investing in the Musicals Speaker
In-seon Huh (Chief of Headquarters at Union Investment Partners)
Discussion Snapshot of the domestic musical market

Successful investment experiences in Korean musicals Musical investment

opportunities and risk factors, etc.
Seong-wook Yoon (CEO of Funderful)

Chun-soo Shin (Director of K-Musical Market 2022)

Seung-ho Lee (DAOL Investment. Inc)

Ji-Hyeon Choi (Executive Director of Ilshin Investment Co., Inc)
Presenter Insun Heo, Senior Principal Union Investment Partners
investment portfolio of Senior Principal Insun Heo includes works such as Les Miserables, In the Heights, Gone with the Wind, The Goddess is Watching, Fan Letter, and Marie Curie. Heo is dedicated to discovering talented creators and production teams and supporting production companies to ensure stable funding and elevate the value of their works.
Moderator: Seong-wook Yoon CEO of Funderful
CEO Seong-wook Yoon, a graduate of the Department of Business Administration at Hanyang University in Seoul, has worked in the film company ShowEast, the Hanwha Content Business Team, M-Venture Investment, the IBK Cultural Contents Finance Department and the Wadiz Investment Business Office. In 2019, he founded Funderful with like-minded members dedicated to creating a new funding environment for the cultural industry. Recent major investment projects: Drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce), film Sinkhole, exhibition Yosigo Photo Exhibition, documentary Our President (on Roh Moo-hyun), musical Cats, and many other.
Panelist Seungho Lee Senior Managing Director Daol Investment
Managing director Seungho Lee is a representative investment analyst at Daol Investment, a venture capital fi rm. Lee operates a number of content-specialized funds and invests in companies and projects including performances, movies, dramas, and music. Examples of investment in the musical fi eld include project investments such as Jekyll and Hyde, The Phantom of the Opera, and Man of La Mancha, and corporate investment in Clip Service.
Panelist Ji-hyeon Choi Senior Managing Director Ilshin Venture Capital
Ilshin Venture Capital is a long-established VC established in 1990, where Managing Director Ji-hyeon Choi has worked for over 20 years. Choi is currently in charge of overseeing venture investment as the head of the venture investment division. Ilshin's engagement in musical investment began with West Side Story in 2004, followed by investments in original performances such as Cats and licensed musicals such as Billy Elliot, as well as a wide range of creative musicals of varying scale. Choi currently operates a performance-specialized investment association that invests heavily in creative performances.